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Need a more economical way to upgrade your dairy? TechForAg also offers used milking parlors. Used dairy parlors are purchased by TFA (preferably the all-stainless models built originally by Germania Dairy Automation), dismantled on site and transported to Rhinelander, WI where they are remanufactured and reprocessed.

'Like-New' parlors are then built from this inventory of parts and components to the exact specifications of the next customer - any type, any size, any option. When completed, they:
Modular milking parlors are pre-assembled in our factory (no different than corn choppers, tractors and combines ), under roof, assembly-line fashion by trained craftsmen who are specialists for each sub-system - Stalls, Pipe Lines, CIP/Receiver Groups, Compressed Air/Vacuum Groups, Pulsation Systems, etc.
Completed Modules are tested and checked out with a 95 point Quality Control Checklist (Our original Final Quality Control Procedures at Germania) with the system under vacuum, supplied with water and compressed air. 

Modulars drastically reduce on-site installation time and therefore cost, while improving overall quality and consistency.
Pre-Assembled Modular Parlors
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An entire parlor 'Ready-To-Milk' Only the cows are missing
Modular parlors can be completed in any form or combination. Stalls only or with all systems in place.
- Stalls with Rapid Exit, Automatic Indexing, 
 Air-powered Gates
Automatic TakeOffs
- Claws & Pulsation with all Rubber Goods
- Pipe-Lines & CIP Lines
- Receiver Groups and CIP Systems
- Vacuum and Compressed Air Systems
- Heavy Duty all-air operated Crowd Gate
Rolf Reisgies, General Manager for TechForAg is the original founder and owner of Germania Dairy Automation. Rolf has called upon his years of experience within the milking industry to assist with the design and development of new milking parlor equipment produced by TFA . The company is manufacturing state-of-the-art milking equipment and products that helps the dairy operator realize a better return on investment. 

TFA offers two great alternatives to standard milking parlors:
*All-Stainless Heritage parlors with Arm TakeOffs
*Affordable Germania parlors built from partially recycled materials

Milking equipment built to the highest dairy industry standards.

Reconditioned milking parlors are a cost effective alternative to new dairy parlors.

Site Map for TechForAg dairy parlors
From the people who brought you Germania
Industrial strength milking parlors - Factory direct
HERITAGE - The next revolution in the dairy industry
Milking Parlors are delivered complete and include the following:
Dairy Equipment – Milking parlors, reconditioned and new are available from TechForAg. Top quality equipment for all dairy needs from one of the top experts in the industry. All used milking parlors are complete and refurbished to stringent standards providing a cost effective method of upgrading your dairy equipment. 
Look Like New, Work Like New and are Guaranteed for 18 Months
Anderson Dairy - Two 8-stall modules - First half of a Double 16 parlor.
Cadwallader Dairy - Unloading module
Nick DeRuyter - 8-stall Module, part of his new hospital barn.
Stainless Gutter, Grates and Curbing
DeRuyter Dairy - parlor installed
Stainless Gutter
Duncan Dairy - Modular Units
Irish Acres Dairy - expanding a dbl. 16 ProTime I to dbl. 24
Kehoe Dairy 14-stall Module waiting for installation.
Kimball Dairy - 8-stall ParaBone Module (Rental Parlor)
Inserting Module through the roof.
9 Stall Module being loaded in overseas container
10 Stall Module - Dutch Made Holstein's Dairy
John Scott's Dairy - 1st Module in place.
Milking Parlors for sale

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Modular Milking Parlors
Click any photo for larger photos and descriptions.
New and used milking equipment - Milking parlors, reconditioned Germania parlors and dairy equipment.
Replace old milking parlor
Why TechForAg?

* TFA offers both new and refurbished milking equipment.

* The cost of adding or replacing dairy equipment using pre-owned, reconditioned dairy milking parlors is thousands of dollars less, making this the most cost effective way to upgrade your current milking operation.

* All-Stainless parlors are built to the exact specifications of our customers.

* Your current dairy parlor equipment is replaced with no down time. Installation of new milking equipment is completed within 36 hours.  See how it's done.

* Whether you purchase new or used, refurbished dairy equipment it is backed by the TechForAg   guarantee.

* Equipment lease program available

Dairy Parlor videos
Milking Parlor & Milking Routine DVDs
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You can order the original DVDs at no charge. They are of appreciably better quality than the online copies.

Milking Parlor DVD's
On-Line                 or               The Real Thing                                        
Visit  Parlor Stalls for Sale  for the newest milking parlors in our inventory.
Replace old milking parlor
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