TechForAg Product Lines

* Heritage all-stainless HerringBone parlors - New

* Heritage hot dipped galvanized ParaBone parlors - New

* Germania all-stainless HerringBone and ParaBone parlors - Remanufactured

CIP / Receiver Combination Groups (Pressure-wash CIP system) - New

* Heritage all-stainless Crowd Gates - New

* Heritage all-stainless Arm TakeOffs - New

* Germania Arm and No-Arm TakeOffs -      Remanufactured

* Parts for all Germania parlors - New

* Custom stainless air cylinders - New

* Automatic Butterfly valves - New!

* Custom Receivers - New
Tech for Ag was started in early 2001 by Rolf Reisgies following 24 years as owner of Germania  Dairy Automation (which was sold to DeLaval in 1997) and a few miserable years of retirement.

In late 1999 DeLaval asked Rolf for assistance with a couple of customers in Western Kansas. Both were long time owners of Germania parlors - a dbl. 19 and a dbl. 40, respectively and both were about to buy new  Germania parlors, a dbl. 60 in one case and (2) dbl. 50s in the other. But what to do with the old ones? DeLaval didn't want them.    
The Solution
TFA buys the used milking parlors and remanufactures them to 'Darn Near Good As New'. They cost roughly 40% less than comparable new ones and come with an 18 months warranty, same as new.

Starting in 2001 the company developed pre-assembled modular parlors, a major innovation and a first for the industry. Modular Parlors drastically reduce on-site installation time and therefore cost. They also improve the overall quality of the end product. No other company offers factory pre-assembled parlors.

In 2006 the company began producing new parlors under the HERITAGE brand name, starting with an improved version of Germania's ProTime I HerringBone.
The Goal
The goal is to provide dairymen with industrial duty, very high quality Germania-style parlors at an investment that normal dairymen can afford, not just the big guys.  

TFA started business by reconditioning Germania milking parlors and has gone on to develop the innovative modular milking parlor as well as a new line of dairy parlors.

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Count on TechForAg to deliver the finest parlors at reasonable prices. The Heritage ProTime I HerringBone, for example, is made from appreciably heavier stainless than the original Germania ProTime I in addition to numerous other improvements.
TFA - New All-Stainless Heritage Milking Parlors - Reconditioned Germania Milking Parlors
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