The cost of a Crowd Gate depends on three key factors:

1) Heavy Duty or Light Duty? What's the 'Heft' of the gate? How much does it weigh? And....

2) How is it finished? What's the corrosion protection - Cold Galvanized, Hot Galvanized or Stainless?

3) With or without Automatic Manure Scraper?

The majority of gates are hot dipped galvanized. Unfortunately, hot dipping is not practical for us. There are no Galvanizers left in Wisconsin (The EPA put 'em out of business) and the ones in Northern Illinois or Wesern Minnesta do not have vats large enough for theses gates. The nearest Galvanizer with large enough vats is in central Nebraska. The cost of the galvanizing plus freight both ways would add about $4,500 to the price - more than the extra cost of building the entire gate out of stainless. Which is what we did. 

We cold galvanize the lower cost gates, instead of hot dipping. 
TechForAg Crowd Gates - Models, Sizes and Cost
 Crowd Gate Pricing

Crowd Gates are sold two ways - 
- Through established Dairy Equipment Dealers 
- Factory Direct.

Some dairymen buy equipment only through a local dealers, because they need the reassurance of having local service available 24/7.

Others prefer to buy equipment dairy direct at lower cost. They have mechanical talent on their team - a son, father, milker or neighbor who can look after the equipment. 

Prices include a Dealer Margin. 
If you buy Factory-Direct subtract 15%.

Prices do not include:

- Holding Pen Fences, nor the 4" Channel on top of the fence

- Freight, Installation Labor and Materials
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