Milker Miles

It is said that you walk less in a Parallel Parlor.

True - If you are comparing Parallels with rope detachers to HerringBones with rope detachers.

False - If you compare a Parallel with rope detachers to HerringBones with Arm TakeOffs.  There's less squawking and fewer fall-offs - and therefore less walking.

Liner slips are a fact of life in all parlors with rope, chain or cable detachers or no detachers at all.

In a Herringbone with Arm TakeOffs, the Arm supports the weight of the claw cluster and the hose bundle. The effect of gravity has been eliminated with no weight on the udder.  There is virtually no squawking and no fall-offs. The Milker works down the line prepping and attaching without ever having to cross the pit to attend to squawking teat cups.

Milkers in Parallel parlors start out the same way, but ever-so-often have to stop prepping or attaching, cross the pit possibly to the other end of the parlor to correct a squawking unit.  If the Milker has to adjust only one or two units per group in a Parallel any advantage from the shorter parlor is lost.

A quick estimate:

400 cows milked thru a Dbl. 12 Parallel or HerringBone
One (1) Milker in the pit.
Cows are nice and clean

1st trip for loading
2nd trip for pre-dipping
3rd trip for wiping
4th trip for attaching
2 additional trips at random (post-dipping along the way, picking up towels, correcting units, etc.
For a total of 6 trips

Working distance:
Parallel from the last cow to the first is 11 x 28” or 26 feet. 
HerringBone the distance is 11 x 45” or 41 feet

With 400 cows, 33 groups go through the parlor.
In a Parallel the Milker walks 33 x 26 x 6 = 5,148 feet or roughly .95 of a mile
In a HerringBone the Milker walks 33 x 41 x 6 = 8,118 feet or roughly 1.55 of a mile

A difference of .6 of a mile per shift - IF there are no liner slips in the Parallel.

Bottom Line: 
HerringBone parlors with Arm TakeOffs provide higher quality of milking with no fall-offs and no squawking. 

Milker Miles are very much the same 
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