Parlor # 110 - DLV-PAR

 Double 6 - DeLaval/Blue Diamond 
Parallel Parlor
$49,500 - was $59,500 - $4,125 per Stall

  • Blue Diamond Parallel Stalls with Group Index and Group Exit, three stalls at a time. All stainless sheet metal, like Overhead Channel, TakeOffs, Cow Traffic Cylinders, etc. . Only the curbing and the Divider Gates are galvanized

  •         DeLaval SST II TakeOffs 

  • Tidal Flow large volume DeLaval Claws; 06 shells with inflations of your choice

  • Delatron Pulsation system

  • Alfa Laval Receiver Group

  • AlfaLaval CIP System with 100 gl Vertical Wash Sink

  • 3” Lo-lines, 2” CIP Lines, 1 ½” Discharge Line

  •        7.5  hp Vacuum Pump with Variable Speed Drive

  •        7.5 hp Air Compressor 

  •        Accessories: (2) Wash Sinks, Filter Cabinet, etc.

  • Parlor will have new TakeOff Seal Kits, Pulsator Seal Kits, Milk pumps seals, Receiver Lid Seal plus new inflations and all-silicone rubber for milk, pulsation and CIP hoses.        
Parlor was installed in 1995. Well maintained and in excellent condition. Owner quit milking roughly two years ago due to low milk prices. 
Equipment Details
Optionally Available

  • AfiMilk Milk Meters with Conductivity measurements for predicting upcoming mastitis infections - New or Remanufactured

  • Complete AfiMilk Computerized Dairy Management System with meters, cow ID, Heat Detection and more; Available both New and Remanufactured

  • Stainless Pit Steps

  • Stainless Breezeway Fences

You Can Acquire this Parlor - 

...only one way, directly from TechForAg


It will take about 4 weeks to remove the parlor, bring it to Rhinelander and remanufacture it and build the new equipment.. Delivery also depends on other projects in the Production Schedule.

 What Size Building?

Width - 36 ft for Rapid Exit         Length - 20 ft, includes Breezeway       Height - 10ft
(Dimension figured generously)

Modularized Parlor

Parlor will be Modularized, delivered and installed on your prepared cow platforms in just a couple of days.

Cost of delivery and installation at a location within 250 miles of Wausau, WI included.

Other Services

Includes Parlor Planning Book - anything you need to know about planning and building a Milking Parlor

Parlor Layout Service - send us a rough sketch of what you would like to do and we'll convert it into a layout

Start-Up of Milking Training and on-site assistance

24/7 Phone Support after Start-Up

Warranty - All materials covered for 6 months. Labor for 90 days (In Wisconsin only) Does not cover rubber parts and other consumables.
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Dbl. 6 DeLaval/Blue Diamond Parallel SST-2 Rope Take-
Stainless splash shield with manure scraper
DeLaval Claws with 06 shells and 01 Liners
Overhead stainless channel hides hoses and wires
Divider Gates are galvanized, Rapid Exit are stainless
Back-to Back stainless Cylinders for Rapid Exit and Auto Indexing
80 gallonl vertical wash sink
Stainless Receiver Group, Moisture Trap and filter
Alfa Laval Automatic Pipe Line Washer
3” Lo-Line with Delatron Pulsators
Tech for Ag
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On a  Budget? 
Here's how to make best use of this parlor:

Chances are you are milking in a stanchion barn, thinking about converting it into a parlor. As you'll find out, that's an expensive project - $50,000 to $125,000 for building cost only.

Instead, could you build a simple new building right next to the stanchion barn and continue to use both the stanchion barn for housing and utilize the existing milk house and machine room? 

Gordon Klimek, Peshtigo, WI did a project like that (After all of us "Experts" told him it couldn't be done). Total cost, parlor in a new building, simple holding pen, equipment and all - less than $100,000. It's not a deluxe facility, Sweet, swift, painless and entirely respectable might be a better way to put it. With 90 cows and no plans for growth, "I just wanted to milk the cows by myself and in a comfortable manner." That he does - TV and all. There isn't enough work in a dbl. 6 for just one person, so - bring on the TV!

Brochure with details of the project    Map to find the dairy (Gordon's phone number is on the map)

This parlor can only be installed in the State of Wisconsin
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