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Parlor Planning Book
I.   What About Project Timing?
II.  Parlor
III. Holding Pen
IV. Machine Room
V.  Milk House
VI. Other Support Areas
VII. Start-Up of Milking 

A.  What Type of Parlor?
B.  What Size of Parlor?
C.  Expandable Parlors?
D.  Basement or no Basement?
E.  Breezeway or Pit Parlor?
F.  Your very Own Parlor Layout
G. Construction Details
H.  Equipment Discussions
Equipment Discussions

1.   Parlor Stalls
2.   ProTime I or ProTime II
3.   What’s a ParaBone?
4.   Stainless or  Galvanized Equipment?
5.   Pre-installed Modular Parlors or                           Conventional Installation? 
6.   Rapid or Conventional Exit?
7.   Automatic Indexing
8.   Gutters, Grates and Curbing or Curbing                 Only?
9.   Manual or Automated Cow  Traffic 
What Type of Parlor?

- HerringBone
- Parallel
- ParaBone
- Auto Tandem
- Rotary
- Robot
Construction Details

- Dimensions - Width, Length and Height of Parlor Building
- What kind of Walls?
- Slopes
- Exit Area for Parlors with               Rapid Exit
- Milker Pit
- Culvert goes where?
- What Water Where? Clean-up       how?
- What Drains where? Manure         goes where?
- Lights
- Ventilation
Holding Pen 

1.  What Size?
2.  Expandable Holding Pens?
3.  Crowd Gates
4.  Entrance Area into Holding Pen
5.  Exit Alleys/No-Return Gates in Back
6.  Slope of Floor
7.  Floor Finish
8.  Pick up the Pebbles!
9.  Steps or Ramps from Parlor into Holding            Pen?
Machine Room

1. What Size?
2. What goes into it?
3. Floors
4. Cross-Over Channels
5. Doors
Milk House

1. What Size?
2. Accessories
3. Picking up the Milk
4. Milk Tank / Storage
5. Receiver Group or CIP/Receiver                         Combination Group?
                   Other Support Areas
1.  Reception Area
2.  Visitor / Parlor Viewing Area
3.  Office(s)
4.  Break and Meeting Room
5.  Vet Room / Office
6.  Rest Room(s)
7.  Shower / Changing Area
8.  Chemical Storage
9.  Catch Pens / Treatment Pens

Starting to Milk in the New Parlor

1. Count Down to Start-Up of Milking
2. First Milking - Easier than you think
Table of Contents
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10.   Overhead Support Structure or Overhead               Channels?
11.   What kind of CIP Cup Holders?
12.   Automatic TakeOffs
13.   Claws and Pulsation
14.   Lo-Lines or Hi-Lines? 2”, 3” or 4” Diameter?
15.   Compressed Air System
16.   Vacuum Systems
17.   Milk Meters, Cow ID and Computerized                 Dairy Management
18.   Automatic Back Flushing after every cow?
19.   Miscellaneous Equipment and Accessories
10.  Fans & Ventilation
11.  Return-to-Holding Pen Gates in Front
12.  Curtains or Garage Doors
13.  Holding Pen Fences
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