Retrofit - Richon Dairy - Racine, WI
Retrofitting Richon Dairy        Click small picture to enlarge
FROM THIS .... Old Richon dairy parlor TO THIS .... IN 9 HOURS New retrofitted parlor took 9 hours to complete.
With time for a comfortable lunch Removing old concrete
First module in place at 11:45a.m. Moving second mod in at noon.
Both modules in place - awaiting concrete. 1:30p.m. Hauling concrete. 2p.m.
Concrete poured and curing. 4p.m. Milking cows at 6:00p.m. in new parlor.
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Retrofit - Kehoe Bros. Dairy - Inverness, CA
Retrofit - Roger Manthe Dairy - DeForest, WI
In 1996, milking 125 cows in the old stanchion barn and on a tight budget, Roger bought a single 10 Germania ProTime II HerringBone with refurbished Germania Model B Arm TakeOffs.

He also built a new free stall for 200 cows and converted the stanchion barn for the parlor, big enough for a dbl. 10 with the missing 10 stalls to be added later. Both cow platforms were finished at the time with curbing, gutter and the 3" lo-line.

All support systems - Vacuum pump, Receiver Group, CIP System and Air Compressor - were sized for 20 units.

TechForAg added the second side in February 2006, with Germania Model SB all-stainless Arm TakeOffs and a Crowd Gate. 
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1.Old Richon parlor                                                2. New retrofitted parlor - 9 hours to complete
3. With time for lunch                                             4. Removing old concrete
5. 1st module in place ll:45 a.m.                            6. Moving 2nd module in at noon
7. Both modules in place awaiting concrete          8. Hauling concrete 2 p.m.
9. Concrete poured and curing 4 p.m.                  10. Milking cows at 6 p.m. in new parlor
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