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Troubleshooting Air Compressors
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Maintenance and Repair - Atlas-Copco Screw Compressors
A.   Atlas-Copco GX-7 Screw Compressors
1.   Periodic Maintenance
Screw compressors are the Rolls-Royce of compressors. Far superior to piston compressors when it comes to life expectancy. However, they really ought to be looked after with a religious periodic maintenance program, typically every 4,000 to 6,000 hrs of run time.

Here in Wisconsin your best bet would be to work with Appleton Compressors, 1-888-731-5789, Ask for Mike Pappas. 

Working with Appleton Compressors also has the advantage that they are familiar with your set-up, if and when the compressors ever stops running. Besides they provide stand-by service 24/7.

Vern is the most knowledgeable on GX-7 compressors.
2.   When the compressors stops running....
  • If the compressor is not on the periodic maintenance program, check the oil level. Compressor is designed to shut down when oil is low.

  • Check all filters, make sure they are clean

  • Unload Valve - compressor runs, but does not compress air. There's a small piston in the unload valve, which may stick due to corrosion. Clean and lubricate the piston

  • Compressor stops running from one minute to the next without apparent reason. In one case we found a loose wire connection. One of the wires that delivers power to the system. I have no personal experience with this (only indirect knowledge) but the wire is accessible 'from below', i.e. you can only see it if you get down on your knees, according to the guy who found and fixed the problem (John Vanderstappen, Master-Electrician 262-248-1695) 
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