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HerringBone vs ParaBone 
 What are the Differences?
At 30" from Cow-to-Cow ParaBones are shorter and slightly wider than HerringBones.

Think about a ParaBone if

- you have the width (say 22 ft for Conventional  
  Exit and 30 ft for Rapid Exit)
- but not the length

- ParaBones are  your only choice if you are trying to milk more cows thru an existing building with may be a dbl. 6 HerringBone. Chances are a dbl. 8 ParaBone might fit. Another HB would not - too long, neither would a Parallel - too wide.

ParaBones are also your lowest cost choice
- less than a 45" HerringBone, because we are using less steel and 
- less than a Parallel, because there are no Divider Gates.

- Arm TakeOffs do not fit in ParaBones, therefore
- You are milking thru the rear legs
- Not as clean as HerringBones
- Lower Quality of Milking, see HBs for details
At 45" from Cow-to-Cow HerringBones are longer and slightly narrower than ParaBones

A full size HB with Arm TakeOffs should always be your first choice, because

  - Quality of Milking
  - Best udder health/lowest SCCs
  - easiest on the milker, claw is well presented
  - easy on equipment maintenance
  - cleaner milking
  - Best visibility of the cow
  - easy access to the udder from the side
  - No squawking teat cups, no fall-offs

  Watch the Movie

  - Lower Cost of Labor
  - Milking with just one milker is possible for longer parlors and more units per milker; Cost of labor will matter a great deal in the coming years, for details 
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In Principle....
Why do they call them 'ParaBone' to begin with?
Because the cows are arranged at Parallel spacing, but stand HerringBone-fashion.
Design Specifications
Cows stand at 65 dgr to pit wall.

30" Cow-to-Cow

Cow Platform Width - 6 ft 3" for Conventional Exit, 32 ft for Rapid Exit

Cow Platform Length - depends on size of parlor. Estimate: (# of stalls x 2.5 ft) + 5ft + 5ft + 2 ft

Height of Pit Wall - 38" give or take a bit

Height above Cow Platform - 92" minimum
Cows stand at 35 dgr to pit wall

45" Cow-to-Cow, but can also be 42" or 38"

Cow Platform Width - 5 ft 3" for Conventional Exit; 30 ft for Rapid Exit

Cow Platform Length - depends on size of parlor.
Estimate: (# of stalls x 3 ft 9") + 5 ft + 5 ft + 2 ft

Height of Pit Wall - 38" give or take a bit.

Height above Cow Platform - 92" minimum
What's our Experience?
9 out of 10 times we install full size HerringBones as a first parlor, upgrading from TieStalls
Most of the time ParaBones are replacing HerringBones where more cows need to be milked in the existing building.

We have installed a few ParaBones as 'first time  parlors' for budget reasons.

Likewise for new and very large parlors, like dbl. 30s or 40s. You'd be saving 15" per stall - or 50 ft overall. Makes a difference....
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HerringBones                             vs                             ParaBones
HerringBones                             vs                             ParaBones
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