Automatic TakeOffs

We offer two groups of Automatic TakeOffs:

      - Arm TakeOffs that support the Milking Cluster on a linked support arm, and 
      - No-Arm TakeOffs, where we retract the cluster with a chain.

All our TakeOffs are controlled by compressed air, no electronics what-so-ever!

Arm TakeOffs  do a vastly better job than rope, chain or cable detachers.  Dairy Industry professionals the world over (Vets, Extension Engineers and Parlor Professionals) pretty much agree that they are the only scientifically correct way to remove teat cups from the udder.

- Compressed air controls are incredibly reliable. If it cost you thousands to maintain a parlor controlled by electronics it'll cost you a few hundred to maintain equipment controlled by compressed air. 

- And with compressed air, you never have to worry about stray voltage.

- Compressed air equipment can be maintained by on-farm personnel with little or no training.
 Crowd Gates

Crowd Gates are a great way to dramatically improve cow traffic into the parlor and therefore improve the efficiency of your milking operation. If:

  • You install the correct gate, and
  • You use it correctly

There's really only one incorrect type of crowd gate - gates that scare the cows into moving forward with electric shocks. There are dozens of other models and designs - plastic, galvanized, stainless, wood; driven hydraulically, mechanically, with compressed air, pulled forward on ropes - all of which are good and acceptable.
Crowd Gates powered by air motors (motors that run on compressed air) are the most widely used gates in the dairy industry today. Initially developed as a joint engineering project by Ben Vandenberg and Rolf Reisgies (1977, Chino, CA) they are now manufactured and sold by every major dairy equipment manufacturer - TechForAg, DeLaval/Germania, Westfalia/Surge, BouMatic, Albers, Norbco, and others.
 Milking Parlor Stalls

New TechForAg All-stainless ProTime I-style HerringBone Parlors - HERITAGE

New TechForAg ParaBone Parlors, our lowest cost stalls (30" spacing and hot dipped galvanized instead of all-stainless)

Remanufactured Germania ProTime I and II HerringBone Parlors

Remanufactured Miscellaneous Parlors, such as Blue Diamond HerringBone and ParaBone           Parlors.
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