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  • How much do they cost? Prices vary widely. Scroll down on this page for many examples. 

  • Prices shown include freight and installation

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  • Parlors are listed by size in each group - largest Parlor to smallest
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                              Remanufactured Germania
  HerringBones, ParaBones, Parallels and FastBack Parlors
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Videos Now Online:
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1) Why Arm TakeOffs? 

2) Norton Dairy - Milking Parlor    Efficiency

3) 1996 Dairy Parlor of the Year

4) 1998 Dairy Parlor of the Year

5) In Pursuit of Perfection

6) CIP Cleaning with a new Pressure Wash System

Videos range from 45 to 75 min in length, roughly 5 hrs total. 

You can also get the whole set on DVDs if you drop us a note - Click on 'Contact Us' below. 

                     No Charge. 
  • SB Arm TakeOffs                                       Compressed Air System
  • Crowd Gate                                                 Automatic CIP System
  • CIP- Receiver Combination Group - New!
  • Vacuum System

                               $354,200 - $8,850 per Stall  (CF)
Remanufactured Dbl.20
All-Stainless Original Germania Pro-Time I HerringBone.
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        All-Stainless Original Germania ProTime I HerringBone                  
154,000 $9,600 per Stall (AF)
  Remanufactured Dbl. 8 HerringBone
Complete Parlor - including all support systems, but no Crowd Gate
Original Germania ProTime  ParaBone 
not a HerringBone
Complete Parlor  - Partially Galvanized Partially Stainless, including
  • Chain TakeOffs                          Vacuum System
  • Crowd Gate                               Compressed Air System
  • PipeLines & Receiver Group     Claws & Pulsation
  • CIP System

$163,200 - $6,800 per Stall (CW)

Remanufactured NONE-Germania Parlors
DeLaval/Blue Diamond Olympic HerringBone 
Stalls, Arm TakeOffs & Claw Clusters only
No Support Equipment .

$167,000 - $6,900 per Stall 
Remanufactured Dbl. 12
Galvanized Blue Diamond/DeLaval HerringBone with 
Germania all-air operated Model B Arm TakeOffs

A complete Parlor, comes with all Support Equippment - Receiver Group, CIP System, Compressed Air System, Vacuum System, etc. 

                                     $76,900 - $6,408/Stall

Remanufactured Dbl. 6
Galvanized Norbco/Surge Heavy Duty Parallel

A complete Parlor, comes with all Support Equipment - Receiver Group & CIP System, Compressed Air, Vacuum System, etc. (But no Crowd Gate)

                             $102,600   or   $8,500/Stall

            This Parlor can be expanded up to dbl. 12 for $151,000
Remanufactured Dbl. 6
DeLaval/Blue Diamond Cascade Parallel with Germania all-air Model C No-Arm TakeOffs
Complete Parlor​ - Incl. all Support Equipment

                                 $175,000 -  $7,300/Stall

   Equipment in back of cows is New and all-stainless. Equipment in        front of Cows is galvanized and Remanufactured
Remanufactured Dbl. 10
All-Stainless Heritage ProTime I HerringBone
New Double 16
  • Complete Parlor with all Support Systems - Stalls, Arm TakeOffs, a stainless Crowd Gate, Vacuum System Compressed Air, CIP System, etc.
$437,400 - $13,700 per Stall
All-Stainless Heritage ProTime I HerringBone

  • Stalls
  • Automated Cow Traffic
  • Arm TakeOffs
  • No Support Systems
New Double 12
$194,400 - $8,100 per Stall
New Double 8
All-Stainless Heritage ProTime-II HerringBone with all Support Systems

  • Stalls
  • CrowdGate
  • Receiver Group
  • CIP System
  • Vacuum System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Automated Cow Traffic
  • Arm TakeOffs
  • AIC Presto TakeOff Controls & Milk Meters
$248,000  or $15,900 per Stall
All-Stainless Heritage ParaBone (not  a HerringBone!)
New Double 12
  • Complete Parlor with all Support Systems, including Stalls, No-Arm TakeOffs, a Crowd Gate, Receiver Group, CIP System, etc.
$247,000 - $10,300 per Stall
New Single 16
(Single - not double...)
All-Stainless Germania ParaBone (not a HerringBone)
  • Complete Parlor with all Support Systems - Stalls, Chain TakeOffs, a  Crowd Gate, Compressed Air, CIP System, but no Vacuum System,
$174,200 - $10,900 per Stall

                               $164,700 - $5,150 per Stall  (BS&TOMAH)
Remanufactured Dbl.16
All-Stainless Original Germania ProTime Parallel

Stalls, TakeOffs, Claw Clusters, Pulsation and  an 
AIC System.  No Support Equipment

               Excess Inventory!

Parts, Components and Equipment 
that's moving slow. For Sale at  Bargain Prices!

Click on any link for details:

      Air Compressors 

      Air Cylinders

      BackFlush Systems & Components  

      Butterfly and Check Valves

       CIP Receivers and Vertical Wash Sinks 


       Milk Pumps

       Milking Claws and Shells

       Moisture Traps and U-Bends 


       Pulsators and Pulsation Controllers


       Vacuum Pumps and Regulators
Galvanized Surge Side Opener

                              $5,800 - $1,490/Stall
We can deliver any number of these stalls - 
dbl. 2 to dbl. 6 @ $1,490 each
Remanufactured Dbl. 2  (4 Stalls)
Remanufactured Dbl.12

Remanufactured Dbl.12
Original Germania ProTime  FastBack  38"

Complete Parlor  with most Support Groups, including
  • All Stainless Arm TakeOffs             Claws & Pulsation        
  • No Crowd Gate                           
  • PipeLines & Receiver Group
  • CIP System
  • Vacuum System
  • Compressed Air System

$229,000 - $9,500 per Stall (J T.)
$23,400 or $3,800 per Stalls
Remanufactured  ​Single 6 Germania Pro-Time II  HerringBone New!

This is a BareBones Parlor - 
Hot Dipped Galvanized Stalls, Manual Cow Traffic Controls, with Claws & Pulsation . But.... 
No Support Equipment, No Automatic TakeOffs, No Receiver Group, No Compressed Air, No Vacuum System, etc.
Remanufactured Dbl. 8 ParaBone

Complete Parlor  with most Support Groups, including
  • Stainless  Chain TakeOffs             But... No Crowd Gate
  • Claws & Pulsation                                                                       Compressed Air System, .
  • PipeLines & Receiver Group          
  • CIP System
  • Vacuum System

$93,700 - or $5,900 per Stall (Gr BK)
$ 53,000 or $8,800 per Stalls
Remanufactured  ​Single 6 Pro-Time II  HerringBone - New!

This is Parlor # 190 one more time, but with most Support Equipment , namely....

  •  Receiver Group
  • 3" Lo-Lines
  • Automatic CIP System
  • Vacuum System
  • On-Site Spare Parts Kit
  • Wash-Down Hoses
  • Wash Sinks in the Milk House
  • But...
  • Still no Crowd Gate, and
  • No Automatic TakeOffs , neither one are needed for a very small parlor like this
Remanufactured None-Germania Parlors - Primarily DeLaval HerringBones and Parallels

Remanufactured All-Stainless Original Germania Parlors 
All-Stainless ProTime-I and -II HerringBones, ParaBones, Parallels and FastBack Parlors

New HeritageParlors - ProTime - I and - II HerringBones, ParaBones and FastBack Parlors
Sold to a dairy near Cuba City, WI
Sold to a Dairy near Rice Lake, WI
Parlor converted to a Rental Parlor. Will be milking cows at a Dairy near Random Lake, WI starting December 2021