Parlor # 180 GPT-I

 Double 8 - Original Germania 
All-Stainless HerringBone Parlor
Remanufactured - (AF)
$142,000- $8,900 per Station
  • All-Stainless Germania ProTime I Stalls Remanufactured 
           (Only the four Corner Posts and the Grates are hot-dip galvanized)

  •   Stainless Curbing - New! 

  • Germania Model SB All-Stainless Arm TakeOffs with Air Controls - Remanufactured

  • Top-Outlet Claws - Remanufactured

  • DeLatron Pulsation System - Remanufactured

  •  Receiver Group and Automatic CIP System with a New Pipe Line Washer

  • 3” Lo-lines, 2” CIP Lines, 1 ½” Discharge Line

  •        7.5 hp SuitorBuilt  Vacuum Pump with Variable Speed Drive, both New!

  •        () 5 hp Compressors with Twin-Tower Drier - both New!

  •        Accessories - all New:
Parlor was originally installed in 1997 at a dairy in Ontario, Canada. Owners have moved upscale into a 50-stall Rotary.

Parlor has been exceptionally well maintained. However, it was not All-Stainless and we are replacing the entire Front-End/Brisket Bars with new All-stainless equipment.

All design changes and Engineering Improvements made since 1997 have been incorporated.

Like pick-up trucks, we can build parlor with more or fewer options. This one we kept lean - very few options. See Heritage parlor # 181 for comparison.
Equipment Overview
Optionally Available

  • Automatic Pulsation Shutoff integrated into the Automatic TakeOffs

You Can Acquire this Parlor - 

...only one way, directly from TechForAg


About 8 weeks after receipt of Order. Delivery also depends on other projects in the Production Schedule.

 What Size Building?

Width - 30 ft for Rapid Exit         Length - 60 ft, includes Breezeway       Height - 10ft
(Dimension figured generously)

Modularized Parlor

Parlor will be Modularized, delivered and installed on your prepared cow platforms in just a couple of days.

Cost of delivery and installation at a location within 250 miles of Wausau, WI included. We can also deliver this parlor everywhere else for additional freight and on-site installation charges.

Other Services

Includes Parlor Planning Book - anything you need to know about planning and building a Milking Parlor

Parlor Layout Service - send us a rough sketch of what you would like to do and we'll convert it into a layout

Self Service Training DVD on Automatic TakeOffs

Start-Up of Milking Training and on-site assistance

24/7 Phone Supporafter Start-Up

Warranty - All materials covered for 18 months. Labor for 180 days (In Wisconsin only) Does not cover rubber parts and other consumables.
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Stainless Gutter and Curbing. Grates are Original Germania, galvanized. Stainless grates optionally available
Air powered CIP cup holders closed.
Air powered CIP cup holders open.
Model SB All-Stainless Arm TakeOffs; Controlled by air pressure - no PC boards, switches, relays, wires or lights what-so-ever.
Top Outlet Claw removes milk from fast milking cows better than any other claw.
Heritage CIP / Receiver All-in-One Group with Standby VSD and Milk Pump.
Stainless pit steps with handrail
Breezeway fences.
2+1 Pulsation controller
Overhead channel.
 Parlor pre-assembled in the factory, delivered in the form of (4) 8 - stall Modules and installed on site in just a few days.
Click any photo to enlarge and descriptions.
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- Extensive Spare Parts Inventory 

-  All-Silicon Rubber, except inflations

- Wash Sinks, Filter Cabinet, etc.

- (3) 1" wash up hoses with fire hose nozzles

- Stainless Pit Steps 

- Stand-by Milk Pump
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 (Every equipment group priced out separately)
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