Overview Of Grey Barn & Farm
Holding Pen - Parlor - Treatment Pen - Milk House - Machine Room - Dairy Processing (from left to right)
Free stall barn (All pictures taken while farm was still under contruction)
Buildings are cedar beams, joint with tongue and groove construction, no nails.
Ready for breakfast ? How about milk, eggs and bacon....
15 Dutch Belted  - converting green to white
Good looking indeed
Lots and lots of bacon in the makin
...and where's mine?
Somebody's got to keep order around here....
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Side-Opening Parlors
a.k.a. Auto-Tandems

Very popular from the forties thru the sixties, they have been replaced with HerringBones, Parallels and Rotaries as herd sizes increased the world over.

However, there are a number of Dairymen with very small herds, who still prefer milking in Side-Openers. Biggest advantage:
  •  you can see the entire cow and observe her condition and .
  • One slow cow doesn't hold up progress for everybody else.

We built a dbl. 2 in 2010 for Grey Barn Farms, right smack in the center of Martha's Vineyard. Yes, THE Martha's Vineyard!

Young couple, Eric and Molly, following their dreams - "How about we build a little farm with a few cows (15 Dutch Belted) a couple  hundred chickens, maybe a dozen pigs and have a good time? 

Besides - Heck of a way to bring up a couple of boys if you think about it! Theirs are coming up on 10 & 11 years old.

Having a great old time, too. Molly started writing a hilarious blog and you owe to yourself to look at it - GreyBarn Blog.

Left side of parlor
Supervising the very first milking
View from holding pen with main gates on left and right
Main gate opens and closes automatically when Milker calls for the next cow.
Dbl. 2 all-stainless Side-Opener
Grey Barn & Farm - An Overview
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Custom-built All-stainless Side-Opening Parlors are rather expensive. Not to worry - we have access to inexpensive remanufactured, mostly Surge Side-Openers or Auto Tandems, Click here for details