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CIP - Receiver Combination Groups

Why You Need Them…

Cleaning at it’s best. If you have ever battled cleaning problems with a system you could never quite rely on, this is your solution.
Never ‘Traps Out’

...where the moisture trap fills up and the
system stops washing. Works with a fixed amount of water, never too much, always enough. Never Traps out.
Push-Pull System

Instead of sucking wash solution by vacuum out of an open sink, this is a totally enclosed ‘Push-Pull’ system. The milk pump pulls the solution out of the receiver, moves it under pressure thru the milk house lines first and on into the parlor.
Uses Less Water

HERITAGE CIP-Receiver Groups use less water than conventional systems - roughly 150 gals per cleaning cycle vs. some 250 to 300 gals for other systems (for the typical dbl. 12). Saves some 70,000 gals per year if you milk 2X, or 100,000 gals if 3X. Saves the energy to heat the additional water, saves the extra detergent and reduces waste water.
Aggressive Action

Reliably washes the top of the receiver, U-bend, moisture trap, and every last unit in the parlor.
Every time!
Fail-Safe Designs

Comes with a back-up milk pump, back- up variable speed drive, (4) fail-safe drains, a fail-safe check valve and a lock-out switch at the milk tank.
Pre-assembled in the factory
...for ‘instant installation’. Set it in place and connect the lines.
Model 1500 CIP-Receiver Group installed at Steve Paul’s new dairy, Whitewater, WI,
where it supports an all-stainless dbl. 10
(expandable to dbl. 16) HERITAGE
ProTime I HerringBone with Arm TakeOffs
Model 1500 CIP Receiver Group
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'Simplicity – Easy Programming – Fail-Safe Performance – Reasonable Cost’
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CIP Receiver Group from Tech for Ag
CIP Receiver Group from Tech for AgCIP Receiver Group from Tech for AgCIP Receiver Group from Tech for Ag
CIP Receiver Group from Tech for Ag

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