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Sort Gates

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Computerized Dairy Management has become rather popular, especially on large dairies.
Recently we added Sort Gates. Here's how they work:

As the Manager, working from the computer, you determine which cows ought to be sorted out of the herd, due to 'In-Heat', health reasons, assign her to a different group, dry her off, cull her, what-ever. 

Or the milker sees something that's not quite right - hard quarter, hoof problems, etc. You or the milker mark her ID number  'To be sorted'. When she leaves the parlor at the next milking the Automatic Gate sorts her into a special pen so they are all right there and you don't have to track them down in the Free-Stalls.


Sort Gate with just one Cut Gate, either left or right                   $12,359
with (2) Cut Gates, left and right.                                                   $13,495

Click here for Pricing Details

 Click here for Installation Drawing
Heritage Auto-Sort Gate controlled by any brand Computer Controls
'Short Stroke' Entrance gates (or Saloon Gates); 'Short Stroke' for fastest operation
The actual sorting gate, sorts either left or right or both ways.
Two sets of One-Way Gates - one right before the Cut Gate so she can't back up if she gets spooked and the other at the exit so she can't come back.
One-Way Gates rest on 
self lubricating UHMW Bearings
In-Floor stainless Antenna;
Standard Germania 3" x 10" stainless Gate Cylinders
Tech for Ag
Automatic Sort Gate
Click photo for larger view

Need Parts for an Existing Germania Gate?
Our parts are interchangeable with Germania's - most of them. What we don't have, we know where to get. Send a picture....
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