- New Heritage HerringBone and ParaBone Parlors

- Remanufactured Original Germania Parlors

- Remanufactured Blue Diamond Parlors

- Parlors installed in Stanchion Barns

- Parlors as part of 'New Dairy Projects'

- Retrofit projects, where we replace an old and worn-out parlor with a larger           Modular Parlor

- Hospital Barns

- Germania Parlor Expansions, where we extend a dbl. 10 to dbl. 20  as we recently    did on a dairy in New Fundland, CAN

- Rental Parlors, either HerringBones or ParaBones
Wide Range of Projects:

Milking Parlor Projects - Tech for Ag

Site Map for TechForAg dairy parlors
Our installed projects base is expanding at a steady rate. The best way to evaluate our parlors is to go and see one. Check out our complete list of installations - see link at left, going back to 2002. One or several may be near you. The list shows phone numbers, city and state, what was included with the parlor, month and year the installation was made, whether or not a Dealer was involved and roughly how much it cost. 
Lots of information. If you are wondering about details, such as these, call them.
We can supply whatever you need - 
either for a New Parlor Project or an Expansion Project 
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Dairy Parlor videos
Videos Now Online
You can order the original DVDs at no charge. They are of appreciably better quality than the online copies.

Milking Parlor DVD's
How’s it working out?
Would they do it again?
How much service do they have and how much is it costing them?
How many people in the pit, and 
How many cows per hour?
What’s the SCC? Plate count?
….and anything else that comes to mind.
Parlor Projects 
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