Replacing the Old Parlor with a New One

You are milking a good number of cows, you can't continue with the old parlor and a new dairy building is out of the question.

What to do? How do you milk your cows while you are changing parlors? 

Here's our solution:

"We'll replace your parlor one side at a time, while you continue to milk on the other. If we start Monday morning we'll be done by Tuesday night - both sides! "
Retrofitting Existing Parlor Buildings
How Many Hours to Replace an Old Parlor?

22 working hours on average over 36 hours elapsed time in most cases. We start at 7:00 AM torching out the first side, which usually takes a couple of hours. 

Between 9:00 and 10:00 we move the first Module into position, level it, reconnect pipe lines and water lines and adapt the gutter to the drains - two to three hrs.

Between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM the concrete guys pour hot concrete into the Module Base. Hot concrete (enriched with calcium carbonate) cures in about 3 to 4 hrs.

By 6:00 PM, usually after 10 to 12 hrs, milking re-starts on that side.

Next day, same story on the other side, though typically we start milking a couple of hours earlier.
With How Many People?

Number of people depends on the size of the parlor and what comes with it, i.e. how many sub-systems we have to re-connect, whether old concrete needs to be cut, etc.  For example:

Golob Bros Dairy, Outlook, WA, 700 cows

Dbl. 11 DeLaval exchanged for dbl. 15 Germania ParaBone. 15 people - 22 hours working time over 36 hrs elapsed time.

Kehoe Bros. Dairy, Inverness, CA. 550 Cows

Dbl. 6 Surge Side Opener exchanged for dbl. 14 Germania ProTime II HerringBone. 22 people, 16 hrs working time over 16 hrs elapsed time. Entire Parlor exchanged in a single  day.

Kimbal Dairy, Spencer, MA, 325 Cows

Dbl. 6 SawTooth exchanged for dbl. 8 Germania ParaBone. 7 people, 13 hrs working time over 13 hrs elapsed time. Parlor exchanged in a single day.

John and Richard Scott, Racine WI, 90 Cows

Dbl. 8 Chore Boy exchanged for dbl. 6 Germania ProTime I HerringBone. 6 people, 9 working hours over 9 hrs elapsed time. Parlor exchanged in less than one day.

Stoneholm Dairy, Putney, VT , 250 Cows

Dbl. 10 Westfalia exchanged for dbl. 10 Germania ProTime II HerringBone. 7 people, 20 hrs working time over 48 hrs elapsed time

Kent and Leisa Hellworth, Celina, OH, 350 cows

Dbl. 6 BouMatic exchanged for dbl. 12 Blue Diamond HerringBone with Germania Model SB Arm TakeOffs. 9 people, 22 hrs working time over 34 hrs elapsed time.

Alan & Bonnie Kracht, Newton, WI, 450 cows

Dbl. 6 BouMatic exchnaged for Dbl. 12 Germania ParaBone. 5 people 20 hrs working time over 58 hrs elapsed time. Alan felt strongly we should take a break over the second day.

DJ Duncan Family Dairy, Robisonia, PA, 115 Cows

Dbl. 5 AGWAY HerringBone exchanged for dbl. 8 Germania ParaBone. 6 People, 22 working hours over 36 hrs elapsed time.

Cadwallader Dairy, Salem, New Jersey

Dbl. 6 Boumatic HerringBone exchanged for dbl. 12 Germania ParaBone with BouMatic Meters. 5 people, 30 hrs working time over 40 hrs elapsed time. 
Where do the workers come from?  Two or three installers from TechForAg, employees of the dairy, installers of the local Dealership, neighbors, contractors, family and friends.
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