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Parlor Layout Services

We can help you plan your Parlor with a preliminary Layout. There are two ways to go about it:

1. Request our parlor planning template and mark it up with changes to suit your needs. Mail it back to us. We'll enter the changes into the computer and return it to you.  You mark it up again - or call us - with more changes until you have your very own layout in front of you.


2. Make a rough sketch of what you have in mind and mail it to us. We'll enter it into the computer and mail a first draft back to you. You mark it up, etc. - see above.

3. Understood, that we ultimately have to get together and discuss the project in person.

4. For the time being we can not provide this service if you are going with another brand of parlor, or if you are buying a used parlor from your neighbor.

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HomeAbout TFAParlor PlanningProductsParlors for SaleGermania PartsRecent ProjectsTech SupportContact