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Question asked by Rick Sheelar recently:

"What's so special about your Brisket Bars and exactly how do they work?"

Glad you asked, Rick. Thanks!

Why the cows like it: 

  • They walk into a wide open space with nothing to limit their view, no cage, no cubicle, almost nothing to confine them

  • Big cows and small cows share space. Since they are not locked in at the front, (as they are with wiggley front rails) they can slide this way and that a bit.

  • ...and if one of them gets all panicky, she knows she can get out - see below.

Key Design Feature - Rapid Exit - 

  • First push 'Index Out', then 'Brisket Bar Up'. Bar goes straight up and out they go. 

  • Ideally, there would be a 4" step down in the floor. Standard for all new installations. Something to think about for retrofits. Depends on how high your cow platform is right now. if less than 34" add a new floor with a step underneath the bars. Call before you make the final decision, need to discuss Hispanic milkers!

  • How does it work? 

With the Bars Installed Relatively Low... 

...with no fence in front of them, won't they jump over the bars?

                                                   Yes - No - Maybe

  No - they know it's milking time. Why would they jump? 

  May be - when they are new to the parlor. Especially when coming from a tie-stall barn. There's a consistent pattern - no one jumps at the first milking. A couple, three or four will during the second and third. After that, no more jumping - with an occasional exception. 

  Yes -  If you bring in a heifer that absolutely positively does not want to be in the parlor, she'll jump. Good riddance! Consider the alternative: if she can't get out, because she is locked in by the equipment, she'll go stark raving mad, kicking, fighting and bucking 'til something gives. Along the way she may hurt the milker, she'll hurt herself for darn sure and she may damage the equipment. Plumb full of adrenaline, you won't get a drop of milk out of her and besides, the parlor comes to a standstill with the milkers attending to the nut case.

Triangular-shaped Brisket Bar
Rapid Exit:
Brisket Bars are supported by only a couple of posts at either end, i.e. no posts to walk around, work around or clean around (no divider gates either!) If one of them goes down with milk fever, move her out of the way with the skid loader and keep on milking
Automatic Indexing. Brisket Bar swings toward cows moved by an air cylinder (upper left). Pressure is adjustable.
housing for brisket bar components
All operating components are inside the bar - away from the mud and the crud - and especially the saliva!
All-stainless HerringBone parlor - with Arm TakeOffs - Rapid Exit Brisket Bars - Automatic Indexing - Comfortable Cow Mats - Lots of Light and Ventilation - Great Stereo System - what a way to milk cows!

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cows in dairy parlor - automatic indexing
dairy cow and triangular-shaped brisket bar
brisket bar allows rapid exit for dairy cows
all stainless HerringBone milking parlor
all stainless HerringBone milking parlor
Comfortable Cow Mats embedded in the cow platforms
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