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Dbl. 12 ParaBone Rental Parlor
(For the design difference of HerringBones, ParaBones and Parallels Click Here)
Original Germania No-Arm Automatic TakeOffs with counter-weighted Hose Supports
Continuous Splash Shield
We try to maintain a Rental Parlor at all times - in case of a barn fire the Rental can be on the truck to you on short notice, say ten days. (IF it is not milking some where else....)
The idea is to bring the cows home ASAP, so you get back to making money.

What Exactly Would You Rent?

You can rent the two Modular Platforms only - left and right side of parlor - or including all support equipment  - Receiver Group, Vacuum Group, CIP System, Compressed Air Group, even the Cow Platforms (see below), etc. whatever you need, but no milk storage or cooling - work with local Dealer.

Rent it for how long?

For as long as you need it. There is no time commitment. Call us when you are done with it and we'll pick it up.

Put it Where?

If you can not wait for the new building to be finished, rent a tent or fabric building and pour a straight concrete floor - we can provide the two elevated 'Cow Platforms' made from 4" x 4"  steel columns, to get the parlor up to the correct height. 

Other Questions

Obviously there are other challenges - how do you get the cows to the parlor, into and out of it? Can you, together with your local Dealer and Builder, provide a temporary milk house and machine room? How will you manage the manure? etc.

What's the Cost?

  • - $1,450/month for the two Modules, the basic Parlor, 
  • - $250 each for the Receiver Group and the Automatic CIP System
  • - $350 for the Vacuum Group
  • - $250 for the compressed air group
  • - $150 for the (2) 'Cow Platforms'

     Total of may be $2,700 per month - our best possible estimates without knowing exactly what you need. 

Plus upfront expenses of
  • Freight from Rhinelander, WI to you at may be $3.65/mile @ 500 miles -    $ 1,825 (?)
  • Plus Cost of Installation - depends on the equipment you are renting @ -   $16,000 (?)
  • Plus first and last months rent                                                              @ -   $   5,400                
  • Total Upfront                                                                                       @ -    $ 23,225

$2,700 per Month Compares how to Leasing and Bank Financing?

Elsewhere on this site we have priced a new dbl. 12 complete ParaBone parlor at $247,000 (Parlor # 167).

Or a remanufactured dbl. 12 complete ParaBone at $139,000 (Parlor # 123-3)
Parlor with Pulsation, Claws, Automatic Cow Traffic, TakeOffs, 3" Lo-Line, etc.
Air-Power Entrance & Exit Gates, Curbing Gutter & Grates
Automatic Indexing & Rapid Exit
HomeAbout TFAParlor PlanningProductsParlors for SaleGermania PartsRecent ProjectsTech SupportContact

Bank Financing
20 yr term 
@ 5% APR
5 yr term
@ 7.9% APR
(No Time Commitment)
New Parlor @ $247,000            $ 1,630                         $ 4,940                       N/A
Remanufactured Parlor @ $136,000             $ 898 Freight &         $ 2,590 plus             $2,700 plus
                                                                      Installation incl.   Freight & Install. upfront   $23,000 upfront