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Milking Routine  DVD's

We have published 6 DVD's of life in the parlor, all of them shot in large HerringBone Parlors with Arm TakeOffs.

The performance of these parlors - and the single milker operating them - you may want to take a look at.....
 What do they cover?

'Why Arm TakeOffs?' answers that very question, why should you consider Arm TakeOffs given their considerable cost.

'Norton Dairy' was filmed at the Norton Family Farm near Elba, NY, where a single milker (who had never been close to cows or farming) milks some 650 cows, all by her lonesome self, day in and day out, operating a dbl. 20 HerringBone with Arm TakeOffs. 

'Parlor of the Year 1996' was a fun project, involving several dairies in Western NY, everyone competing with the others to see who could harvest the most milk per manhr. Cows per manhr don't count - it's the milk in the tank that pays the bills. Pounds of milk per manhr takes an efficient operator, good let-down and udder preparation and very good cow traffic into the parlor, (which is where most parlors fall short).

'Parlor of the Year 1998' recognizes the most productive, the most efficient parlor ever - Maple Row Dairy, Saranac, MI. 'Most Productive' as in the History of Milking. One milker harvesting over 5,000 lbs of milk per manhr, milking close to 1,400 cows in a 7 hr shift, operating a dbl. 24 HerringBone with (48) Arm TakeOffs.

Yes, by his lonesome self! It's a long story and to really understand how they do it you may have to watch it a couple of times. As always, the secret is in the details. 

The dairy milked that way for about (9) years, from the middle 90s to 2004, when they changed to a 75 stall rotary. Along the way establishing a world record of parlor productivity that has never been broken to this very day 15 years and counting.
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