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 What Size Building?

To be discussed. You probably want to build the building to eventually hold a dbl. 8 parlor.

                                                           Modularized Parlor

Parlor is Modularized - to be delivered and installed on your prepared cow platforms in just a couple of days.

Cost of delivery and installation to a location within 200 miles of Wausau, WIS included. 

We can also deliver this parlor everywhere else for slightly higher freight and on-site installation charges. Figure on roughly $6,000 if installed on the East or West Coasts.

Other Services

Includes Parlor Planning Book - anything you need to know about planning and building a Milking Parlor

Parlor Layout Service - send us a rough sketch of what you would like to do and we'll convert it into a layout. Or request our Standard Parlor Template, mark it up, return it to us and we'll convert it into your very own custom layout.

Self Service DVD on Automatic TakeOffs.

Warranty - All materials covered for 18 months. Labor for 180 days (In Wisconsin only) Does not cover rubber parts and other consumables

Parlor # 185 GPT-P

 Dbl. 16 Original all-stainless Germania ProTime Parallel
$164,700- $5,100 per Stall
(Claws, Pulsators, Stalls, TakeOffs and AIC System only. No Support equipment)

Parlor was originally installed as a dbl. 8 at Brian Sipley's place near Peru, NY in 1993. We expanded it to dbl 12 in 2007 and Brian added the AIC System a few years later. 

In 2015 Brian sold the dairy, moved to Iowa and we bought the parlor back. It's ready for remanufacturing either as a dbl. 12 or a dbl. 16.
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