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Parlors Cost How Much?

Let's divide the discussion in two parts:

  • How much in principle?
  • What variations and add-on options?

In Principle:

ParaBones are the least expensive. Like parallels cow-to-cow distance is only 30". Per stall they use less steel and they come with shorter pipelines than HerrignBones. But - unless Parallels - there are no Divider Gates in a ParaBone, which can cost from $300 to $500 each.

Parallels and HerringBones cost roughly the same. HerringBones require more steel then ParaBones but Parallels come with Divider Gates and HerringBones don't.

Rotary Parlors and Robots are substantially more expensive then ParaBones, Parallels and HerringBones. They very much have their place and purpose.

Variations and Add-on Options: 

  • Light or heavy duty Stalls?
  • All-stainless or galvanized or painted?
  • New or Remanufactured?
  • Thru your local Dealer or factory-direct from TechForAg?
  • SwingLine Style with single units down the center, or 
  • With double units and lo-lines
  • With just basic Automation only
  • Or loaded with lots of options, including Computerized Dairy Management system.

So what do parlors cost?

  • How about $25,000 give or take, for a remanufactured dbl. 6 SwingLine, without Automation, no Crowd Gate, and your own units from the stanchion barn?
  • Or how about $750,000 for a fully loaded brand new dbl. 24, all-stainless HERITAGE HerringBone with Arm TakeOffs and manu other all bell and whistles,
  • Or anywhere in-between, literally, in $10,000 increments. 

Point being - determine your budget, go thru the lists above and make some preliminary decisions about what you really need and what you can live without. . 

We'll put a custom parlor together that meets your criteria. Reasonably priced, pre-assembled in the factory, installed on-site in just a few days and covered by an 18 months warranty. 
Parlor Planning 

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