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Electrically Driven Crowd Gates...
Overall view of gate. This gate has two integrated Swing-Out gates so cows can come to the holding pen from the left or right. Both Gates pivot in the center. Where and how they swing is up to you.
Typical TechForAg Crowd Gate Carriage. They are identical for all TechForAg Gates
2hp 3-phase motor together with 60:1 gear box. Other ratios available. Motor is controlled by a Variable Speed Drive.
'Forward' and 'Reverse' toggle switch in the parlor together with 'Stop' button
'Forward' and 'Reverse' toggle switch in back of the holding pen
Very wide Swing-Out Gate. (Holding Pen is on the left)
Dbl. sliding gate in closed position
Electric Gate with  double sliding gates, shown in open position
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HomeAbout TFAParlor PlanningProductsParlors for SaleGermania PartsRecent ProjectsTech SupportContact

Crowd Gates
....are a lower-cost alternative to air-driven Gates, mostly because they do not require an air compressor and the air drier to go with it. Also the controls are somewhat simpler.

A 2 hp 3-phase motor coupled to a 60:1 gear box make up the drive. You can vary the speed and the force of the gate by exchanging
1) The gear box to a lower ratio, e.g 30:1, 40:1, or 50:1, and
2)  By exchanging the two pulleys to different diameters

Electrically driven gates come in two versions - those you can lift anywhere in the holding pen and those you can't. Gates without lift are standard, but lift cylinders are optionally available. The cost of electrically driven gates with lift are roughly the same as all-air gates. 
The design of the basic carriage is identical for all gates, by the way. 
Electrically Driven Gates