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All-Stainless Crowd Gates
(Nothing less than 304 stainless - same as your Milk Tank)
Why stainless? Because in our case, the cost of stainless and hot dip galvanized gates are just about the same, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view. 

The Environmental Protection Agency drove all Galvanizers in the State of Wisconsin out of business.  Nearest Galvanizers are either south of Rockford, IL or west of Minneapolis, they however d not have vats large enough for these gates. The nearest hot dipper with large enough vats is in Nebraska, 800 miles from Rhinelander. That's four trips per gate and at almost $4.-/mile  freight alone comes to $12,000. Then add the cost of the hot dipping, and you might as well make the whole thing out of stainless.
Holding Pen before first Milking
Stainless Gate with Manure Scraper
Gate in 'Up' positon returns over heads of next group of cows
Manure Gutter in back of holding pen. Grates from TechForAg
Scraper lifts slightly above floor when gate moves forward
Moving the good stuff fully automatically
Main Control Box
Controls at the back of the pit
Controls in Back of Holding Pen
Gate installed 2006 near Leeuwarden, Holland
Manure Scraper lifts automaticallyon forward trip. No buttons to push.
34 ft stainless gate
Click any photo to enlarge and descriptions.
24 ft wide Gate with Manure Scraper installed at the new           
                    Armbruster Family Dairy, Muscoda, WI 
Click any photo to enlarge and descriptions.
Other Gates....
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Crowd Gates