Crowd Gates can dramatically improve the flow of cows into the parlor, and therefore the efficiency of your milking operation, if:

- If you install the correct gate, and
- If you use it correctly

There are dozens of models and designs of acceptable crowd gates
- Galvanized, stainless, wood or PVC
- driven hydraulically, mechanically, with compressed air or pulled forward on ropes.

All are good gates - but obviously at dramatically different costs

There's really only one incorrect type of gate - gates that scare the cows into moving forward with electric shocks. Don't even think about it....
Why A Crowd Gate?
Tangible Benefits of a Well Designed Crowd Gate:
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- Reduces the cost of labor, because it eliminates the perceived need for a second Milker in the pit. 
(In case you were wondering: for normal parlors any dbl. 12 or smaller is a comfortable 1-man operation)

- Eliminates the 'Holding Pen Rodeo' where the Milker relentlessly chases cows and the cows get even by slinging used feed at him

- Reduces stress on the cows, eliminating adrenaline in the blood stream

- Reduces stress on the Milker

 - greatly improving milk let-down, since there's no adrenaline to neutralize the oxytocin on the    way to the udder

- which reduces the need for extended udder preparation

- Reduces the time-lag between prepping and attaching

- Reduces machine-on time, which

- Improves teat condition, which 

- Contributes to lower SCCs, which 

- Improves average production

- Reduces the rate of crapping as the cows enter the parlor

- Significantly reduces kicking

- Significantly increases cows milked per hour and even more so

- Cows milked per man hour.
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