Equipment Details - Summary

1. Rapid Exit .

2. Auto Indexing

3. Germania/RoKa Chain TakeOffs

4. 3” stainless Air Cylinders for Entrance and Exit Gates

5. 3” Lo-Line

7. All-stainless Gutter and Curbing. Original Germania galvanized Grates. 

9. Germania Top Outlet Claws with DeLaval 06 shells & BouMatic Pulsators

10. Traditional CIP Cup Holders  

11. 15 hp Vacuum System, Lobe-style Kaeser Pump

12. 7.5 hp Compressed Air System 

13. Receiver Group

14. Automatic Clean-In-Place System

15. All-Air operated Crowd Gate (New),

Optionally Available

- Stainless BreezeWay Fences (New), 

- Stainless Pit Steps (New) 

- Pit Mats

- Rubber Mats for the area where the cows stand, etc. 


Depends on order backlog in the shop at the time of order

 What Size Building?

Width - 22ft for Coventional Exit;               Length - 41 ft (may be 37 ft?)                 Height - 8ft

Modularized Parlor

Parlor is Modularized - to be delivered and installed on your prepared cow platforms in just a couple of days.

Cost of delivery and installation to a location within Wisconsin included. 

We can also deliver this parlor everywhere else for slightly higher freight and on-site installation charges.

Other Services

Includes Parlor Planning Book - anything you need to know about planning and building a Milking Parlor

Parlor Layout Service - send us a rough sketch of what you would like to do and we'll convert it into a layout. Or request a copy of our Standard Parlor Template, mark it up, return it to us and we'll convert it into your very own custom layout in the computer.

Self Service DVD for Automatic TakeOffs.

Warranty All materials covered for 18 months. Labor for 180 days (In Wisconsin only) Does not cover rubber parts and other consumables.

What Can You Expect?

When installed in your facility, this parlor will look like new and work like new - backed by an 'As-New' 18-months Warranty.

This parlor built new from the ground on up would cost about $325,000

We took this parlor in trade form a Customer who preferred to milk with Arm TakeOffs in a full sized HerringBone. 

Perfect parlor if you need to milk more cows thru an existing building. If you are now in a dbl. 8 with 45" cow spacing, or a dbl. 10 with 38" - this parlor may just fit.

Complete Parlor includes all Support Systems.
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For lots of additional details - 25 pages, lots of pictures - on this parlor Click Here

Parlor # 123-3 GTPB

 Dbl. 12 Germania/Thorp ParaBone
30" Cow-to-Cow Spacing
Completely Remanufactured - 18 Months Warranty

$136,000 - $5,700 per Stall
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What's the difference between a HerringBone and a ParaBone? 
Click here for a point-by-point comparison
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